Synthetic Turf Malaysia 

Synthetic Turf Malaysia 

Selangor Top Artificial Turf Maven Says ~          Installation Matter

17 Years of Artificial Grass Experience At Your Service

Synthetic Turf Malaysia (STM) has introduced the usage of synthetic turf for sports and synthetic grass for landscaping since 2008. Our approach are in educating customer's by sharing ideas and product knowledge. Along with gathering feedback of the site condition for the construction of a proper base we would introduce a specific range of artificial grass that suits the application, the expected benefits and functionality of such an installation are then build inplace.

STM Artificial Grass are UV stabilised, ensuring durability of the yarns and colourfastness. A double layer latex backing reinforced by poly-fabric prevents the grass from breaking away throughout it service life. STM Artificial Grass carries a 8 years warranty against discoloration and manufacturing defects. 

STM company mission is to assist customer's in buying a product that serve their needs, and to guide them away from being sold.

Any artificial grass can only be as good as a proper installation for without it the benefit and functionality of having an artificial grass lawn will be lost. STM installation technique are in compliance with international standard's to ensured that your garden can still look good for years after installation. 

The following introduction is not meant for selling our installers to you even though it seem like it but a proper installation is no small matter. Understanding the installation process educate you with a general knowledge of the construction and the selection of grass that suit the application could help to make you see and appreciate your purchase in a different light.

The installers are very important because for quality grass we can buy it from just about anywhere but getting a qualified installer can be quite rare. 

As such, we would like to highlight the effort made by ASGI in promoting professionalism for installer's of artificial grass by offering a certification program that required an installer to go through an extensive courseware. 

ASGI - Association of Synthetic Grass Installers, USA. 

ASGi CERTiFiED Course Level 1 Artificial Grass Solutions Includes:

Product Knowledge, Yarns Backings, Manufacturing, Styling and Enhancements.

Job materials for fabrics, nail rails and edge options.

Base Preparation: Compactable Aggregates Specification. 

Recommended Drainage, E~Layers and pads, Seaming, Anchors & pins, Adhesives.

Infill for Sports Field ~ features and benefits. Specific hand tools and equipment required.

Materials Handling ~ supplier's services, inventory and job cost controls.

Project Design and Estimating ~ specific conditions and materials optimization to reduce waste.

Installation Guidelines ~ CALGreen & LEED compliance ~ permeable guidelines, conditions and techniques, include site visit and Design concept.

Job costing for Specialty Applications and construction methods.

Standard Operating Procedures for Health, Safety and Wellness. 


Ok.. now we can see eye to eye as you are aware of the importance of product knowledge and the installation process after reading the ASGi Courseware article, you are now an educated buyer safe from being sold. Congratulations 🙂

Back to STM Turf if you still remember us.. 😊

We do not dress up our product with cosmetics, STM company vision are to share product knowledge and to assist consumer's to shop wisely... our selection of grass are designed to meet the requirement and needs for various application. STM is associated with an established Landscape Architect company and a Interior Designer with vast experience for the purpose of providing a complete package for you and to save your time from the hassle of searching around when you want them. 

A STM Artificial Grass Design
A STM Artificial Grass Design

Definition Of Quality In Artificial Grass.

Artificial grass quality is dependent on the dTex, stitch rate, turf backing, anti UV properties and the usage of premium polyethylene raw materials that are used to produce the yarns. 

Artificial turf latex backing is the material that holds the yarn in place. The backing consists of primary and secondary backing. It is one of the most important components of an artificial turf system. A backing of double layer polypropylene+poly fabric are used in most premium turf to ensured that the yarn won't break away from the base during the service life. 

The recommended stitch rate density of an artificial grass depends on the applications. A premium quality artificial grass tend to have a density of around 16800 stitches per metre. Grass with a high stitch rate will look more lush while the softness will depends on the dTex.

A lower dTex is recommended for your garden where your kids and pets will be playing, as this will provide a softer and friendlier look and feel. For sports activity a higher Dtex are necessary for durability. 

Any artificial grass without anti UV stabiliser will have the colour fading and the yarns breaking down within 3 years.

We can't see such properties visually except for the stitch rate, only by shopping with established supplier's or companies whose business are a 100% specialising in Artificial Grass may provide an assurance that you are getting a good product.

And yes, there are sales and promotional offers, any bargain too good to be true are usually too risky to go through. Although there are genuine sales around, it's good to be wary of it as getting an artificial grass that is made for indoor application's would not last for more then 3 years if used outdoors. 

STM Artificial Grass Pre-Installation Site Inspection 

Our way of pricing the installation is down to the basics.. We will only propose essential items needed for an installation, no hidden cost or unnecessary work that bloat prices up. The only other costs that need a site inspection to work it out are for the removal of existing grass, shrubs, and trees if required. Then to check the current condition of the ground and for drainage issue. When all is done properly, your artificial grass will be nicely laid on the prepared base to serve you for years to come. 


***🎁  STM Artificial Grass Promotion  🎁***      🚱⛔  Stop Watering The Weeds ⛔🚱        Google Us.. It's Awesome!
***🎁 STM Artificial Grass Promotion 🎁*** 🚱⛔ Stop Watering The Weeds ⛔🚱 Google Us.. It's Awesome!
Green Green Grass of Home - A DIY Project By En Khairi
Green Green Grass of Home - A DIY Project By En Khairi
.🌿. Strip Of Grass Streak Of Class .🌿. STM Artificial Grass
.🌿. Strip Of Grass Streak Of Class .🌿. STM Artificial Grass
🌹🌹 The Steps Said To The Grass 🌹🌹         'You Complete Me'
🌹🌹 The Steps Said To The Grass 🌹🌹 'You Complete Me'


Artificial Grass Freshen The Aquarium
Artificial Grass Freshen The Aquarium

STM provides a personalised service and offer professional advise, along with a dash of common sense... sometimes a practical approach work just as well if not better then any conventional plan. 

It is our vision to build a garden that is design to hold memories of joyful activities and for our children to play in a safe environment, away from insects and toxic debris that could accumulates through time 🌞

Please buzz me if you have any concerns about using artificial grass or drop me an email/message and I'll get back to you. I'm available anytime between 10am to 10pm. 

🙋 Reinli

☎️ 011 3889 9883

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Please click the link to our Google page, we have a lot of project picture's that may help to contribute ideas for yours.. 

It may be worthwhile to read up our happy customer's review too. Thank you. 🙂 

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STM Turf helps in water conservation, also in keeping garden insects and weeds at bay.

A 'forever green' garden that is always ready for you is just a call away... 

Requires only minimal maintenance.

WarningArtificial grass can get hot under the sun, however it should not cause any burns and will cool down within 5 mins when it's shady. 

Not suitable for slopes of 20°+ as it can be slippery when wet. No issues on a flat ground and it dries up faster then natural grass. 

Weeds can still grow at the perimeter of an artificial turf garden as their seeds are carried by the wind and might lodged in there, however they can be easily removed and as long as we do not allowed it to flourish it would not be an issue because they won't come in droves. 

Ideas Does Not Come In Sizes, It Comes With STM Turf 🧐
Ideas Does Not Come In Sizes, It Comes With STM Turf 🧐